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Practiced and daring; these are the qualities Odile Carré’s painting reflects the first time we see it. The realism of her work is consistently adorned with generous fruit in terms of unprecedented compositions and techniques, the somber basis of which never takes away from the originality that this artist demonstrates.

Since 1965, the year she started studying at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Caen, Odile Carré has never ceased to put her knowledge both of painting and ceramics to the test, exhibiting and then creating decorative pieces for public administrations in Caen and the surrounding area, and researching into polychrome, through which she forged her appealing creative personality.

This artist is formidable: if she creates traditional watercolour portraits that are remarkably lively with a strict minimum of resources, she then abruptly takes us by surprise by painting surrealist landscapes, highlighting unusual horizons and strange skies. Fascinating luminous impacts punctuate these works alongside harmonious shapes and colours that are audaciously designed to reveal an atmosphere of disturbing and captivating serenity.

All that is primordial for Odile Carré hinges on her suggestive way of reflecting, through painting and sometimes collage, mysterious and attractive ambiances, where tangible shapes and flashes of light combine, thereby admirably reflecting her creative temperament and a certain humour and evident charm that is far from absent in her portrayal of bodies and souls.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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